Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

77th to 80th Day

Mon/2nd Nov/77th Day

Hmm. What did i do that day? Oh yeah, i remember. I follow Edward with Jack, Lim and Cosmas to help him setup the monitor at RRR for the General Manager meetings on the next day. After went to Frankie's cyber cafe to take ten monitor and having our lunch. We headed straight to RRR and arrive there around 2 pm. As I expected, an easy job becomes complicated and time consuming as it always the case in RRR, well, at least for me. ^^ Another OT for me, Jack and Cosmas that day. The next day, the three of us decided to take leave. ^o^

Wed/4th Nov/78th Day

Snappping photos task at last started that day starting at Wisma Merdeka|Phase 2. Well, indeed it's not a fun works since you have to walk a lot and speak a lot (one significant incident happen that force us to ask for a permission to take photos on each of the shop lot inside it. We been scolded by one of shop owner since he doesn't want us to take photos of his shop. Something related to trademark register or copycat. Damn that guy.). We can't finish the photo snapping for Phase 1 since the manager are not around.

Thur/5th Nov/79th Day

Today, we continue our photo snapping task at Wisma Sabah and Wawasan Plaza. Still, as i mentioned yesterday. Not really a fun works since we walk a lot and also sweat a lot because of the heat from the sun (we still need to go outside to take photos if the shop lot are facing outside rather than inside). That evening i stay in the office and help him with his works.

Fri/6th Nov/80th Day

We can't continue the photo snapping task since there are many people in the shopping complex during that day. So, i decided to follow Kenny back to RRR again. One firewall need to be install in the network. Eric have give Kenny all the commands and checklist things to do but still we are stuck somewhere as always the case is in RRR. What's with that place? There's never an easy and less time consuming works there. After all the routing are doing fine, suddenly the email server is down and force us stay there until 2 am in the morning. But guess what, it still didn't work and Kenny finally decided to revert back to the original design using one firewall with the email server is still down since we are damn tired and sleepy. Not to mention hungry. To cut the story short, i reach home around 5 am. The funny things is, i even got a consolation prize. Flu. Well, i think that things are to be expected after a grueling 12 hours in the server room.

p/s : After all that hard time in RRR. I do believe networking for non-government staff is really tough. Not only networking side but also the technical part which is cabling. Really gonna think hard for the future based on this experience.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

70th - 76th Day

Wed/21th Oct/70th Day

There's nothing much happen that day if i'm not forgotten. I just stay in the office and still trying my best with Jack to solve the LDAP task given by Eric.

Thur/22th Oct/71th Day and Fri/23th Oct/72th Day

I'm back to RRR with Kenny again and this time with Jack to solve the problem we faced on last tuesday. Haven't solved the problem on thursday (most probably because of the public ip given) though we went back a bit late and the three of us came back there again on friday and it's really out of my expectation that the three of us are forced to stay there one night to solve the problem. Imagine, we have went to server room around 2 am in the morning though it's not a bad idea after all since we have a chance to stay in the hotel room. The guest internet connection still having a problem where the connection are intermittent. So, we try to check the routing and kept changing the public ip and the routing. So, around 3+ am, we give up and headed to sleep. But suddenly in the morning, it seems that the guest internet connection are doing fine though there are still some intermittent problem but at least it's more better than the last night. We went back to office the next day around 3 pm. So, that's how the RRR second internet line tale finish. (Pity for Kenny as he went back there again that evening as the administrator connection turn out having a problem)

Tue/27th Oct/73th Day

It's been a while since i follow Edward going out. That morning i follow Edward to PERKESO to do PM with Cosmas and Chris while Kristy and Jack follow Benny. There's nothing much happen as it's just a normal routine where we do defragmentation, hard disk error checking, anti virus scan and a little bit of cleaning the pc. That evening, i just stay in the office and kept myself busy by either playing Facebook or do some reading and CCNA flashback since i got nothing else to do.

Wed/28th Oct/74th Day

Almost the same with yesterday evening session activities. I just stay in the office and kept myself busy by either playing Facebook or do some reading and CCNA flashback since i got nothing else to do.

Thur/29th Oct/75th Day

That day myself and Jack follow Kenny to Jabatan Laut to solve the wireless problem in there. It's been reported that the wireless connection are down. So, we headed there and try to troubleshoot it. At first, we thought maybe it's because the cable for the wireless are connected to the wrong port in the switch since the switch port have been configured with VLAN but that seems not to be the problem. So, we try to check the Nomadix and still the nomadix are doing fine since it's leasing an IP address. So, we directly headed to the wireless AP itself and it turns out to be source of the problem after we take out the battery. Thanks God it's that easy after that a hell of a time in RRR.

Fri/30th Oct/76t Day

Today marks the start of task given to me and Larry by Christina supervise by Kevin which is to take picture of shop lot. But for today, we just simply went to three places which was Wisma Merdeka, Wisma KK and Centre Point to ask for permission and show them the paper work given by DBKK. Wonder how the works will go on this Monday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

69th Day

My first OT during my practical. Hohoho. Today, i follow Kenny to RRR to setup the second internet line. Though we expected that it will take times to finish it but it's far than i expected i would be back home around 11 pm. After doing some routing and configuration on the new Router and the load balancer. By right, the second internet should be working fine. But as always, it turns out to be a problem. So, we try to fix it until late night but the problem still doesn't solve. What a turndown event it was. That's how my days were spent.

Monday, October 19, 2009

68th Day

What have i done today? Oh yeah. Now. I remember. It's back to the old days Today, i follow Lim to DBKK to do printer maintenance. It's quite the same job as i done almost 2 months ago which was cleaning the dot matrix printer and some color printer. But it's quite a bored task and i would been lying if i say i don't like it. But anyway, a job is job and i still do my best to finish it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

68th, 69th and 70th Day

Wed/14th Oct/68th Day and Thur/15th Oct/69th Day

Both this day were spent trying to understand and complete the task given by Eric to us. It's about LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Or in easy explanation, it something like Active Directory for unix version. Though i don't even fully understand Active Directory itself, so this task is gonna be harder that i expected. Up to this two days, there's no improving progress as we are stuck on how to configure the configuration script file. Hopefully we were able to do some improvement progress next week.

Fri/16th Oct/70th Day

Today, i follow Kenny, Soel and Cornelius to Rasa Ria Resort. There's nothing much happen or to do as Soel and Cornelius only have to install 4 network point and both me and Kenny just do a simple network setup between two pc and even were given a handout on how to do it. But we do finish a bit late because of the problem they are having where the system were attack by a virus and it makes a fuss in there and Kenny were unable to solve that. Maybe Eric needs to go back there and check it since it looks bad (i don't fully understand of what happen).

Noted : Gosh. It's been 5 days since my internet were down because of the problem then TM are experiencing now (seems that they system were attacked by a virus). Hopefully it will works fine again next week. Not only i'm unable to download but at the same time i also can't play farmville and mafia wars at night anymore. T.T

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

66th & 67th Day

Monday/12th Oct/66th day

Another week have to be faced. Today, there's nothing much happen as i follow the staff to do things as usual. In the morning, i follow Edward to finish the device tagging for DBKK that myself and Cornelius done few days ago. In the evening, i again were bring by the staff to help them carry and install 20 pc's in the Cyber cafe. Luckily we were able to finish the job before 5 pm where 9 man power were used to finish it.

Tuesday/13th Oct/67th Day

Again today i were bring out by the staff to help them. My partner for today is Jack and both of us follow Benny. As usual, there's nothing much happen as we only do some printer maintenance or just accompany Benny to the customer site and look at him settle the jobs. -Sigh- That's how my days today were spent.